Born in 1972 in Moldova on October 9, Orhei County, Piatra Village.

High School Igor Vieru Arts, Chisinau
Faculty of Arts Department of easel painting, Chisinau.
2015 - Stagiar member of the Artists Union of Moldova.

1995 - Solo exhibition in M. Eliade High School, Chisinau
1999 - Solo exhibition Timisoara, Turkish-Romanian Bank
2013 - Solo exhibition Timisoara, Casa Artelor Gallery
2015 - Solo exhibition Timisoara, Exhibition space of the Municipality of Timisoara
2015 - Solo exhibition Plzen European Cultural Capital 2015 at the gallery "House of Europe"
2016 - Solo exhibition at the National Museum of Union, Alba Iulia
2016 - Solo exhibition at the Art Gallery Korunk, Cluj Napoca

1995 - Group exhibition "Salons Autumn" exhibition hall UAP, Chisinau
1994 - Group exhibition "Salons spring" Artists exhibition hall, Chisinau
2014 - National Exhibition of Fine Arts "Contemporary Attitudes" Ed VII Art Gallery UAP Ploiesti
2014 - National Exhibition of Fine Arts "Contemporary Attitudes" Ed VII Art Museum Calarasi
2014 - National Exhibition of Fine Arts "Contemporary Attitudes" Ed VII, third stage Slobozia
2014 - Group exhibition Cultural Centre Liviu Rebreanu Aiud
2014 - Group exhibition organized by UAP Timisoara, with support of CTJ Timis, under the name "THE SACRIFICE" Timisoara, Romania
2015 - International group exhibition "Exhibition of Winter" opened at Aiud, Romania
2015 - International group exhibition "Intercultural Links" opened at Geneva headquarters ONU
2015 - International group exhibition "Moldova's Salons" Brancusi Exhibition Centre, Chisinau
2015 - The art camp's final exhibition - "Inter-Art" Galleries Aiud
2015 - International Bienal Of Art "Cartographic - the land of artists" Art gallery Ruse, Bulgaria
2015 - Exhibition contest "Moldavian Salons" XXV Edition, Bacau
2015 - International Art Exhibition "Climate Change Issues" at the United Nations Headquarters in New York
2015 - International Art Exhibition "KOREA independence 70th anniversary" South Korea
2016 - International Art Exhibition "Art - a space for intercultural dialogue" Palace of Parliament, Bucharest
2016 - International Art Exhibition "Salon of Small Works" USA
2016 - International Art Exhibition Inter- Art Aiud 20 years from the beginning "National Library of Romania" Bucharest
2016 - International Art Exhibition Yinchuan, Ningxia Region, China at IMPRESSION Home Hotel
2016 - Exhibition of Romanian Art in the International art symposium in Yinchuan Ningxia region - China
2017 - International Group Exhibition in Gunsan South Korea
2017 - Exhibition organized at the International Art Camp "Inter-Art-Aiud" at Hunedoara Corvin Castle, Romania
2017 - International Group Exhibition at the Art Museum in Cluj Napoca, Romania
2017 - The International Art Biennial "Meeting Point" Arad, Romania
2018 - International Exhibition "The Little Print", Edition XXIII, Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania
2018 - International Salon "Love Sign" Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania

Romanian Contemporary Arts Conference on the ICR Beijing - 2016

Inter-Art" International ArtCamp Aiud - 2014, XIXth edition / 10-25 august 2014
Inter-Art" International ArtCamp Aiud - 2015, XXth edition / 10-25 august 2015
Inter-Art" International ArtCamp Aiud - 2016, XXIst edition / 10-25 august 2016
International Art Camp Yinchuan, Ningxia Region, China Ist edition/ 04-22 september 2016
Inter-Art" International ArtCamp Aiud - 2017, XXII nd edition / 10-25 august 2017

Rep. Moldova Chisinau, SUA, Grece, Romania, Canada, Australia, Germany, China, South Korean Republic